Legionella Risk Assessment

At Waterwide, all of our Legionella Risk Assessors hold City & Guilds qualifications in this field.  In accordance with ACoP L8, our competent Risk Assessors will carry out a detailed assessment of your water services, to include:


  • Monitoring and control manual detailing fully the regime in place to maintain the assessed water system in compliance with ACoP L8. 
  • Digital photographs
  • A full review and evaluation of previous risk assessments including any implemented water treatment regime and control measures with an assessment of their efficacy
  • Review of your written scheme for controlling the risks from Legionella in the above specified water systems
  • Risk assessment detailing the risk associated with legionella growth and dissemination from the assessed water systems taking into account plumbing, WRAS regulations, pipework layout, engineering considerations and location
  • Identification of nominated authorities including names, job title and contact information for the statutory duty holder, nominated responsible person and their deputy detailing those responsible for ensuring compliance with ACoP L8 is maintained
  • Schematics detailing water systems layout and key plant items which directly or indirectly affect overall risk
  • Recommended remedial actions detailing and prioritising areas where risk can be minimised through engineering or other modifications
  • Preparation of an asset register detailing plant and distribution services including the condition, water temperature, compliance with current guidelines and areas of low or intermittent use
  • Fully scheduled documentation system in order to demonstrate HSE ACoP L8 compliance
  • Preparation of water treatment regime / schedule detailing the control regime